Thursday, December 3, 2009

How i stopped an Alien Invaion usssing Proportion

One day me and my friends were studying for the Science quizon Monday. When suddenly a big bang echoed in our school halls. So us being curious went to go check it out. Out came Three little green allien. They were looking very curiousily at what seemed to be a car... but it suddenly started blinking going transparent then back to its orginal colour and shape suddenly it stopped blinking. IT WAS A SPACESHIP! A REAL SPACE SHIP! " You Nincompoop, Now we have no ship!"said a little Green Allien to another little green alien. "Ummm... excuse me?" I said unsure of the out come i would recieve.It wasnt until two minutes later i got a response "Taylor B. you go to Sargent Park School grade 8" One said. Now i was freaked out "who are you and why are you here" I demandedto know. "I am Glirkin here to study your Planet " another Allien in the back of the group which i hadnt seen in the begging..." But daddy I thought we were taking overrrr..." The little one whined "LIOSH! Get back in the ship now!" My heart was pounding and i didnt know what to do. I wanted to run but my feet wouldnt move. " Do not be scarred if you do anything stupid or wreckless i will be forced to hurt you. you know to much now..." The alliens started to close in on me. Then i fainted . When I awoken i was in the ship strapped down to a table of some sort . Glirkin was there. I started to cry unsure with what was going to happen to me. "Im not here to hurt anyone. Were only here for Three fairly easy answers. if all of them are right we will leave and not come back. Before we begin what is Proportion?" said Glirkin. "Proportion. Proportion is a relationship that two ratio's or rates are equal and can be solved in fractions or a ratio table." I said quivering in fear for what might happen to me next. Now answer theese simple questions and i shall set you and your planet free.Questions:

The first question was:
How many times will the large gear turn if the small gear turns 54 times?

4 12 Large Gear
---- = ----- --------------
18 54 Small Gear

The Large gear will turn 12 times if the Small gear turns 54 times

All you have to do is times both sides by three

The Second Question was:
David can saw a log into 3 pieces in 7 minutes. If he continues sawing at a constant rate, how long will it take for him to saw a similiar log into 6 pieces ?

3 6 Pieces
---- = ---- ------------
7 14 Minutes

You have to times both sides by two.It would take 14 minutes to saw 6 pieces of log.

The Last Question was:
Delia was paid $35 for 5hours of babysitting. How much should she recieve for 3 hours? use a unit rate to find the answer.

5 1 3 Hours
----- = ----- = ----- ----------
35 7 21 Dollars

For the first part you divided 5 and by 5 and you get 1.

Then you divide 35 by 5 and you get 7.

Then you times 1 by 3 and you get 3 then you times 7 by 3 and you get 21.

After Glirkin finished checking over my paper several times he walked over to the computer typed in a few things and then he went over to the computer slammed his fists on the table and came back and angryily said "By my thoughts and the computers you have completed the work correctly but if it is wrong i will come back, and i will kill you!" Then he snapped. I awoken i was in my room... Was it a dream?

Sorry for it being so late :) I hope you enjoyed my post :D

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